DateOn This Date In Aviation HistoryInformation Source
11/22/1943Bomber Command Target: Berlin, 764 Aircraft set for target including 50 Stirlings and 11 Mosquitoes the rest being Lancasters and HalifaxesThe Bomber War by Robin Neillands
11/22/1960A USAF F-4H-1F Phantom established a new world speed record of 1,600mph (2,588 km/h)Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
11/22/1916An impressive aircraft, the SE5, with a 150hp direct drive Hispano-Suiza V-8 made its first flight.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
11/22/1930At the time the world's largest aircraft, the Tupolev ANT-6 made its first flight.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
11/22/1977First flight of the Antonov An-72 'Coaler' twin-turbofan STOL transport.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
11/22/1952Major Charles J. Loring Jr., leading a flight of Lockheed F-80s, is hit near Sniper Ridge by enemy ground fire. He deliberately crashes his aircraft into the midst of enemy gun placements and destroys them, ending the threat from enemy troops at the cost of his own life. Loring is posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.U.S. Airforce - A Complete History by The Air Force Historical Foundation
11/22/1944North American Aviation initiated Design Study NA-140. It Becomes the F-86 Sabre.Arco-Aircam Aviation Series, No Month, 1970, Volum, No Month, 1970, Volume 019, Issue 0
11/22/1952Maj.Charles J Loring,Jr. earns the Medal of Honor flying a F-80 and was KIA.Osprey Frontline Colour Series, No Month, 2001, Vo, No Month, 2001, Volume 005, Issue 0
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