DateOn This Date In Aviation HistoryInformation Source
7/18/1942First flight of the Messerschmitt Me309 V1 prototype.Complete Book of Fighters, 2001
7/18/1942The Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe is first flown as a pure jet.Aviation Century - War & Peace In The Air by Ron Dick & Dan Patterson
7/18/1942Messerschmitt's Me 262 prototype made its maiden flight under jet power.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
7/18/1970First flight of the Aeritalia (Fiat) G222 utility transport, of which the Italian Air Force ordered 44 examples.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
7/18/1975First flight of the Czech Zlin Z50L aerobatic aircraft.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
7/18/2000The first GKN Westland assembled WAH-64 Apache Longbow for the British Army Air Corps was flown.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
7/18/1962First flight of the Cessna Model 411 twin-engined executive aircraft.Royal Air Force Flying Review, November 1962
7/18/1914The Aviation Section of the U.S. Army Signal Corps is established, replacing the former Aeronautical Division. Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Reber, head of the Aeronautical Division since last October, becomes the first commander of the Aviation Section, for which 60 officers and students plus 260 enlisted men are authorized.U.S. Airforce - A Complete History by The Air Force Historical Foundation
7/18/1944Lieutenant C.D. "Lucky" Lester, flying a 100th Fighter Squadron P-51 out of Ramitelli, Italy, is part of an escort mission for a group of B-17s bombing targets over southern Germany. His flight engages a formation of Bf-109s, and in the ensuing six minutes of combat, he shoots down three enemy aircraft. The 100th was one of four black fighter squadrons that made up the 332nd Fighter Group.U.S. Airforce - A Complete History by The Air Force Historical Foundation
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