DateOn This Date In Aviation HistoryInformation Source
4/20/1944Bomber Command Target: CologneThe Bomber War by Robin Neillands
4/20/1937First flight of the Curtiss XP-37 USAAF SerNo 35-375 derivative of the P-36.Complete Book of Fighters, 2001
4/20/1942The USS Wasp (CV-7), on special ferry duty out of Glasgow, Scotland, entered the Mediterranean and launched 47 Spitfires of the RAF to Malta. When the operation was duplicated on 9 May, it was the occasion for Winston Churchill's message, "Who says a Wasp cannot sting twice?"United States Naval Aviation 1910-1960 by Deputy Chief Of Naval Operations
4/20/1914US Naval aviation's first combat action began when three aircraft from the base detachment left Pensacola on the USS Mississippi to assist forces at Vera Cruz, Mexico where they flew observation and photographic sortiesWright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1914France hosted the Schneider Trophy Contest at Monaco and it was won by Australian Howard Pixton in a Sopwith Tabloid floatplane, powered by a 100hp Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine. His average speed beat the previous record (44.75 mph) by 25mph.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1916The Escadrille Americans was established as an American volunteer flying unit fighting on the Western Front, later becoming the famed Lafayette Escadrille.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1942Malta was re-enforced by 47 Spitfires that took off from USS Wasp.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1979The 16th and last production Concorde flew.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1981Initial flight of the first production Sukhoi Su-27 'Flanker'.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1994The Italian Navy received its first of sixteen AV-8B Harrier IIs ordered for operations from its new carrier, the Guiseppe Garibaldi.Wright To Fly, by Peter R. March
4/20/1942Forty-seven Spitfires arrive aboard the USS Wasp to bolster the defense of Malta.Aviation Century - World War II by Ron Dick & Dan Patterson
4/20/1956First flight of the Sud-Est SE 212 delta mixed-powered interceptor.X Planes and Prototypes By Jim Winchester
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